This Chinese New Year, Pestle and Mortar Clothing presents a romance emblematic of our contemporary relationship with our cultural roots.  As each generation passes we lose touch more and more with our heritage and much like a fling at a bar, our relationship with our tradition become fleeting encounters reserved for those few special days a year.

Pestle and Mortar Clothing shines a spotlight on those fleeting moments with the lion representing our heritage longing to reconnect with our apathetic selves. When celebrating this year Pestle and Mortar invites us to rethink and reconnect with what makes us unique.

With the Rediscovery CNY Capsule collection, PMC takes a contemporary look at traditional Chinese elements and revitalizes them for the new year. Revisiting old favourites such as the God of Gamblers, Money Cat and Calendar, breathing new life with fresh new interpretations for the incoming new year.

On top of this several new iconic design have made choosing a key piece that much more difficult. Whether it be the raucous Lion Dance which Malaysia is one of the best in the world, the unique Chinese Dragon or even the king of changing faces, each element is truly significant culturally and a mark of pride for us at PMC.

Collection Drops 25th January 2019 Online and In Stores at Major Drop Mid Valley & Sunway Pyramid

Photographer: @moderntraditional
Model: @kexin_12
Stylist :
Co-stylist : @shaherasam
MUA: @dannysee88
Producer: @notlucahs
Location: @goluckytora


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