House of 1A is a 7 week initiative by DCODE  to highlight different homegrown brands and personalities. Pestle & Mortar Clothing was chosen as one of the brands and we went live on the 14th-16th of December. The event was hosted at Menara Ken in TTDI and consisted of a double storey space comprising of the ground floor where there was an experiential installation educating guest on their products equipped with a full serving bar and dance floor as well as the second floor it was a space paying homage to what Pestle & Mortar Clothing stands for.

Over the span of 7 years we have created over 3000 different pieces of clothing and In this installation we wanted to highlight some of the most iconic designs ever released. From collections dating back to 2010 up to recent collaborations with The Hundreds and Nerdunit, we wanted to take the guest through the evolution of our designs to when we first started and to where we are today.

Another part of the installation comprised of a custom t-shirt printing lab and also a custom jacket corner. Each night a select few individuals were given the opportunity to personalize their very own PMC jacket. These individuals were selected via a patch design contest which was themed “London”. For all the selected winners we produced their patch designs so that they could incorporate them into the jacket.

The custom T-Shirt printing lab involved us designing 3 London themed exclusive t-shirts that were only available on the days of the event. Guest were encouraged to get involved and learn the process of how all our t-shirts are printed.

To top it all we organised a fashion showcase on the last night of the event highlighting our recent collection : Ancient Wonders. Comprising with ten different looks the event came to a close.

A huge thanks to DCODE and also for everyone who rolled through. It was an amazing experience even for us to meet each and everyone of you. Catch you guys next year!


Design & Travel enthusiast. Graduated in architecture but self taught fashion designer for Malaysia streetwear label "Pestle & Mortar Clothing".

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