KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA – Bringing together two of the largest brands from the opposite ends of local streetwear spectrum, Pestle & Mortar Clothing and Nerdunit are proud to present their first joint effort. “Riot For Peace” showcases how the stylistic contrast between the two brands can be brought together in a cohesive design aesthetic.

The collection features 8 garments, 2 caps and 3 pins that come together to showcase the contrast of conflict and the flower power movement of the 80’s. Marrying the soft pastel elements and hippie-inspired psychedelic designs of the “flower child” hoodie with the raw energy exuded from a leather biker jacket; The “Riot For Peace” Collection is a juxtaposition on a greater scale that transcends simple clothing design.The garments are versatile and easily ready to be worn by members of both sexes.

“Riot For Peace was inspired by the 80’s, what we think is one of the most feverish periods of innovation in the past few millennia” said Michelle Kong, COO of Nerdunit. “Nerdunit and Pestle & Mortar Clothing are often seen as polar opposites so the combination of opposing themes in the collection is perfectly apt for it”

“We have always been looking at working with brands that are making waves both locally and internationally so this was a great opportunity to do so” said Creative Director of Pestle & Mortar Clothing, Hugh Koh. “We are looking forward to working more with Nerdunit on other collaborations in the future”

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About Pestle & Mortar Clothing
Pestle & Mortar Clothing was established in 2010 by a trio of friends with a love of streetwear. The brand operates a flagship store in Bangsar and their very own e-commerce store, stocks products through various department stores across Malaysia and select stores and sites across Southeast Asia.

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About Nerdunit
Founded in San Francisco in 2011, Nerdunit pays tribute to lifestyle of the military, where simplicity is essential, but with boldness. Nerdunit is the abbreviation for No one Ever Really Dies -in true military spirit, we believe that even when we die, our legacy is left behind and remembered. Nerdunit now has more than 17 retailers worldwide, their collections have been featured on the runways of KL Fashion Week 2016, as well as in countless international media.

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