As we Fall - into a season that has little significance but for a transition from the inexplicable joy of Summer to that last silver of light in Winter - we open our eyes to days of neither warmth nor cold that dwindle with the sign of dry leaves on the ground, a conspicuous and constant reminder of frailty. This season we begin to peek and carefully draw back the coverings of our inner nature - a look Under The Veil in reflection of our own fallibility that defies the ephemeral beauty of all living beings.

In the incandescent tint of Fall's colours, the trouble that haunt Southeast Asia and the rest of the world come into view; the continuous misguidance of our predecessors that have lead us into a trend of constant destruction - ultimately of our own. Interpreted in the corresponding colours of olive green, grey, amber orange and blood red; each respectively representing a result of our heavy hands. This Fall's Under The Veil Collection takes us beyond the skin-deep and right in the face of humanity's more grosteque achievements.

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