What is Pebble Paper?

Pebble Paper Design is a paper goods brand founded in May 2015 by Rachel and Anni. Our core product are notebooks. We started off and are known for our whimsical design style done by 'digital gouache painting'. Soon after we incorporated some calligraphy into our designs as we saw the rise of interests in calligraphy. 

How did Pebble Paper come about?

Well Anni and I met in university as classmates. We noticed that we both like using/collecting notebooks so we spontaneously talked about starting our own brand to create our very own notebooks from our designs. Never thought that we would work on it seriously soon after we've graduated from university with zero experience. So we started brainstorming on the creation of Pebble. It took us about 4 months of planning until we eventually launched the brand. We really didn't think we would be able to gain the amount of attention we did at the beginning up until now but seeing the positive responses from the public definitely motivated us to continue on with creating new collections and collaborating with other local brands such as Habitatt, Just in Case, Milktee and Pestle & Mortar.

How did this collaboration come about?

We've always been looking at opportunities to collaborate with local brands and Pestle & Mortar has always been a brand that we've admired from the start. It all started when Hugh approached us to have our notebooks placed at the League of Captains cafe - which didn't work out at the end. But we saw an opportunity for a potential collaboration and casually asked if Hugh was interested. Things took off from there onwards.

What are some of the inspiration for this collaboration? (why did you choose this print?)

The theme of the collaboration was Christmas and we are known for our floral designs, so it is only natural that we incorporated elements such as Mistletoe. The tricky part was that both the brands have very different spectrum of design direction. So we had to work on a design that incorporates the style of both brands. We see it in the concept of bringing both very different brands together like how the Christmas celebrations spark the spirit of togetherness & joy - cheesy, I know. 

Why did you choose to collaborate with Pestle & Mortar?

Like I've mentioned before, we've always admired Pestle & Mortar and we saw an opportunity to work together so the real question here is, why not?