PMC’s Youngins

Pestle & Mortar Clothing Kids – you know the guys behind the curtain of the brand are getting older when they start putting out kids stuff. But no disrespect, everyone grows older, yet not everyone loses their edge. PMC is far from losing their edge and have only extended their range to start including future streetwear purveyors and connoisseurs that don’t know who they are just yet.

As tiny a collection as the ones they’re intended for, mirroring 3 of PMC’s evergreen designs with a playful twist to them – you’ve got the “from-day-one” Pocket Tee, their much loved Flying Mechanic Logo, and of course an original-of-the-capital Kuala Lumpur Reverse Tee.

In conjunction with Children’s Day this year – Pestle & Mortar Clothing Kids will drop in stores and online this Saturday the 20th of May in homage to our collective futures. In PMC’s own words – “Don’t let your kids go through the frustrations of puberty trying to figure out how to be cool. Hit the ground running, start em young – before puberty takes over! Seriously – we’ve been there – hormones are an issue, but don’t let street cred be one too. ”

Our source at PMC leaked this video to us (Shhhhh not everyone’s seen it yet).

P/s: Moms and dads out there reading this – I’ve got a kid and I know, she’s like an accessory that needs to mirror my taste (at least while I can still control it) so I don’t lose my street cred on that daddy life.


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