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Next on the agenda was a shorter drive down south to Wadi Rum which translates to “The Valley Of The Moon”. This valley has gained much recognition for it’s landscape that film makers say resembles Mars. We hired a local Bedouin guide by the name of Salman from ‘Wild Wadi Rum” to be our chaperone for the day.

Our transport for the day

Yalla Habibi! (Lets Go Brothaaa)

In Wadi Rum there are a few key sights you should visit. First up “Um Fruth Rock Bridge” this is probably one of the most photographed places in Wadi Rum. Known for its natural bridge formation, this work of art stands about 15 metres up. Definitely a challenge for a person like myself who is hell afraid of heights but once you’re up there the view of the yellow mountains make it all worth while.

We all the way up!

Next up “Small Rock Arch” this one is a lot easier to get up and the views from the top is next level.

Views of Wadi Rum and beyond from the “Small Rock Arch”

Even though there are some key sites throughout the Wadi, the main attraction is really everything around you. The surroundings feature various desert landscapes consisting of towering cliffs, narrow gorges and vast sand plains that stretch beyond your field of view.  The contrast and symmetry of the golden brown landscape against a strong blue sky reminds me of something from a  Mark Rothko painting.

Packed Lunch : Tuna, cheese, vegetables for colour eaten together with arabic bread

As we drove past some large sand dunes Salman shouted out from the truck asking if I wanted to do some sand boarding. Being an avid snowboarder I replied “Hell Yea!”

Unlike ski resorts there ain’t no ski lifts and therefore it pretty much means hiking up these sand dunes. That would have to be the most intensive exercise I’ve done the whole trip. Man! was it tiring.

To sum the trip we finished with an hour long camel ride back to civilisation.

The standard camping style in Wadi Rum is usually your traditional Bedouin tent however over the recent years due to the Hollywood conception of people referring to Wadi Rum having similar landscape to planet Mars a particular property travel operator has raised the notch and built a series of tents that resemble Martian tents.  We decided to opt to live it up for a night in one of these tents.

These martian tents cost double of what you would pay for a standard Bedouin tent but hey “YOLO” Well worth the money for a once in a lifetime experience. Do it for the gram!

The view you wake up to

The following morning we packed our bags and proceeded with driving back up north towards the Dead Sea. Looking at the map I realised the Dead Sea is actually a really huge lake bordered by Jordan to the east and Israel and Palestine to the west. For those who don’t know the Dead Sea is also known as Earth’s lowest elevation on land. Apparently it is 9.6 times saltier compared to oceans and therefore its harsh conditions does not allow any plants or animals to grow or inhabit. Due to the  salinity of the water it also helps with buoyancy and I am a testament to that.

There are many local beaches that you can visit with a small fee but expect poorly maintained amenities. Another option would be to pay for a day pass at one of the nicer hotels eg:- Marriott for full access to their resort grounds. Towel service and a hot shower after makes a whole world of difference.

No effort was needed to perform this act below

The mud from the Dead Sea apparently also has many health benefits. Consider it as your local spa spot. The minerals in the mud is thought to improve skin conditions as well as certain heart and lung conditions. Just be sure to locate the closest source of fresh water as after a while this mud starts stinging.

Taking full advantage of this free spa sesh

This entire adventure lasted a total of 4 days and 3 nights. I must say this has got to be one of the best trips I’ve done in a long time.


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