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Royal Selangor’s one of those brands that could easily be misunderstood solely based on their age and heritage alone. For the average joe, it could very well be mistaken for an ‘auntie’ brand for trinkets and tchotkes made from pewter, from rooster pendants, decorative plates to elaborate goblets. Pewter horses aside, Royal Selangor carries the heritage of a whopping 133 years.

With 133 years under Royal Selangor’s belt, you would expect them to not play around when it comes to the craftsmanship and quality of their offerings. Regardless of how much you’d hate to associate yourself with the current state of the country, you’d still feel a pang of enthusiasm when you stumble upon a Royal Selangor concession, or even a store overseas.  

To continuously believe that Royal Selangor only caters to the bourgeoisie and Martha-Stewart-worshipping aunties would be an ignorant statement, for their level of involvement in pop culture itself. They have been in the game of collaborations way before the mass adoption by streetwear culture.

Here are some of their most culturally-relevant collaborations:

The Celestial Blessings

In a testament to the global appeal of Royal Selangor, the Celestial Blessings collection marries Chinese cultures and traditions to bring these massive works of art to life. Seeing a resounding success in China, Royal Selangor’s Celestial Blessings standout pieces are half  metre tall Guan Gong & Guan Yin that go for a cool RM13,900 and RM16,500 Respectively. 1000% Companions are cool but are they divine?



Considering Marvel Cinematic Universe’s exponential growth, it has become every lazy retailer’s dream to slap on a heat transfer graphic and rake in the moolah. Royal Selangor takes it that much further by releasing an array of merchandise, from lapel pins, miniature figurines to a ¼ scale tribute statue of Captain America. With the level of craftsmanship involved, using the term merchandise at this point would be an understatement. It makes being an idiot who sits through 20 minutes of the credit scenes so much more rewarding.


Through the recent collaboration with DC, Royal Selangor has been able capture the morbid essence of Bruce Wayne and The Joker through the cool shades of pewter. Just as icing on the cake, local artist Alan Quah and sculptor Mufizal Mokhtar were commissioned for these limited edition pieces. You can own the limited edition Batman figurine today that was exclusively launched at San Diego Comic Con for a casual RM3,900. It’s definitely a collectible, regardless of whether you’re more of a Bale or Affleck kind of person.


I’ve met some Star Wars fans, and then I’ve also met some STAR WARS FANS. Characters from the world’s most beloved Space Opera has been immortalized in pewter trophies, too. Leia, Yoda and the rest of the entire squad, regardless of whether they’ve been blessed by the Force or not have been immaculately replicated to precision and to their exact specificity.

Lord of The Rings

One of my earlier memories of Royal Selangor, other than their fancy corporate gifts were these crazy elaborate goblets they still make in collaboration with Lord of The Rings. These goblets, ranging from Aragon, Gandalf, to Gollum could easily be part of the movie set and no one would question it, that’s how extra these were. And if you or your parents are considering a casual housewarming gift, look no further than this pretty sick chess set that’ll fit right with a Gwyneth Paltrow or Monocle gift guide.


Medicom’s BE@RBRICK has always been a popular collectible among collectors, notorious for being difficult to cop for its rarer releases and collaborations. After collaborating with the likes of Chanel, Commes des Garcon, and Collette, BE@RBRICK has collaborated with Royal Selangor just last year for limited releases of their iconic lego-like toy figurines. This 400% BE@RBRICK, in all its metallic goodness stands about 28cm tall, and retailed for a cool RM3,900.  

Now you’ve seen some of the best collaborations from Royal Selangor, keep your eyes peeled for the next big one launching next week…


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