So GE14 is so close, you can practically smell then indelible ink in the air. Here at PMC HQ GE14 is a very important time for us, as we champion everything close to home. Seeing the Election Capsule shirts on your instagram photos brings a big smile to our faces. 

So while not everyone in HQ is old enough to vote, we asked everyone what the GE means to them and to just share something with everyone. 

Hugh Koh

 "We are the leaders of today with the power to change tomorrow."




Eddie Samad

We either make history, or consign ourselves to it.”





Strong leadership begins at the top. Let’s get this right.

Julian Koh

"Riding into a wave of change"

Jeck Shen

"Dunno lah, I got no quote, you suddenly ask me this..."

Ng Joe Ee

"See You In 5 Years"

Celine Wan

"Finally. I've bitched about this shit for the last 5 years."

Lucas Lau

"Turning my back on the bullshit. Let’s move on."




DAnny New

Whatever happens tomorrow, I pray that whoever runs the country, runs it for the people of Malaysia, not for their personal gain.


"BRB, changing the country"

Raja Iskandar Shah

"Tough choice, what if I don't get my BR1M anymore"

Ethian Lum

"No matter who wins tomorrow, Please don't close Zouk"


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